Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Allergies - What Causes Allergies?

In this article we're going to talk about what causes allergic reactions and why some individuals are more susceptible to experience from allergic reactions than others. 

The first thing we need to understand is what an allergic response is.  An allergic response is a respond to something outside the body system that the body system itself seems is a risk to it.  More particularly, this is the defense mechanisms. 

The reality is, everybody has allergic reactions in as much as one's human is always going to perspective outside providers such as plant pollen, lawn, fresh mushrooms, and even meals as intruders.  The distinction between someone who "suffers" from allergic reactions and someone who doesn't is the level to which the body system responds or in the situation of patients, overreacts to the allergen. 

For example, let's take hay high temperature period where the plant pollen depend is especially great and have two individuals stroll out into the road.  The individual who has a regular defense mechanisms and doesn't overreact to every outside allergen will probably not even observe that the plant pollen count is high.  There will be no itchiness, sneezing, irrigating of the sight or any signs at all.  The individual who has an over active defense mechanisms, at least to this particular type of allergen, will begin to sneezing.  Maybe the sight will start to water.  In serious situations the individual may even have problems respiration, all because their defense mechanisms is watching the plant pollen as a great risk. 

So the query is, why do some individuals have natural defenses that act normally and others have natural defenses that overreact? Research has shown that in most situations this is because these individuals are genetically got rid of to responding in such a way.  Maybe they got this particular temperament from their mom or dad.  Maybe it even missed a creation, but in most situations this is simply got. 

In other situations, allergic reactions are not got.  In these situations the individuals defense mechanisms does not work effectively or is damaged because of some other situation.  Maybe they are a bad eater and thus aren't getting the nourishment they need to keep in good health.  This can damage the defense mechanisms and cause it some thing occasionally.  In other situations the damaged defense mechanisms is due to another inherent issue such as an lack of ability of the body system to process a certain proteins or proteins. 

In either situation, the defense mechanisms becomes what we call "hyperactive".  This results in the defense mechanisms determining quite simple ingredients as opponents and then responds completely out of percentage to the risk itself.  In some situations the response can be serious enough to cause some serious illnesses.  Yes, individuals can die from allergic reactions so this is not something to be taken gently. 

Many individuals believe that if there is a inherited personality to allergic reactions then there is nothing that can do to fix the issue.  This is actually not so.  There are many things a individual can normally do to develop up their defense mechanisms so that allergic reactions are no longer a issue.  These will be protected later on articles.

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